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Daniel Shaw · WordPress & WooCommerce Developer Wellington, New Zealand

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Former art life

Portrait of the artist as a cosplayer, before I forget.

rex&dan perform at 107 Projects, Sydney
Future Calls the Dawn Chorus (Inversion Mix), 2013
107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney
Image: Jenny Gillam
kazaamBLAM! perform with James Luna at Te Papa, Wellington
James Luna feat. kazaamBLAM!, 2009
Te Papa Soundings Theatre, Wellington
Image: Ruth Korver

Gr33dy Algørithms

Edit of previous work Dupe (2012)

Group show at Aftermath Gallery, Christchurch

The Drones

Patches #01–10 View
10 YouTube live streams of modular synthesizer performance

As rex&dan with Eugene Hansen

If a System Fails in a Forest

Future Calls the Dawn Chorus (Inversion Mix) View
Modular synthesizer performance accompanied by a recording of a game engine map generated from LINZ elevation data of Wellington

As rex&dan with Eugene Hansen
107 Projects, ISEA2013, Sydney

Sound Full

Future Calls the Dawn (Contagion mix)
Modular synthesizer performance

As rex&dan with Eugene Hansen
City Gallery, Wellington


Dupe View
Single-channel video from a live recording of an audio-visual performance, embracing a pyschedelic sci-fi aesthetic to conflate historical and contemporary cults of religion and work.

Group show and floor talk with Rachel Shearer, Shannon Reed, Terry & Lewis Urbahn
mediagallery, The Film Archive, Wellington

Sound Full

Future Calls the Dawn
Modular synthesizer performance

As rex&dan with Eugene Hansen
Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin


Rasta Blasta View
Collaborative audio work with VJ Rex

Group show with Andy Thomson, Dr Kron, Eugene Hansen, Jenny Gillam, Mike Heynes, Peter Trevelyan, Simon Morris
Te Tuhi, Auckland

Drawing with Light

Dead Rave Club (New Visitor Stream mix)
“Late night” audio-visual performance during Anthony McCall exhibition

With Richard Falkner as kazaamBLAM!
Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

Friendly Curating #2

Friendly Curating #2 View
Video chat between artist/curator and guest. Performance mimicking streaming artifacts (simulated freezes and time jumps) as a tactic to defuse camera shyness.

With Lucie Tuma
Wellington/Basislager Binz, Zurich

Friendly Curating #1

Friendly Curating #1 View
Video chat between artist/curator and guest. Performance occurred completely offline prior to the event via a series of increasingly inept excuses preventing participation.

With Lucie Tuma
Wellington/Atelierhaus Frankfurt, Frankfurt

Urban (Almost Rituals)

Audio-visual set as part of James Luna’s One Day Sculpture performance

With Richard Falkner as kazaamBLAM!
Te Papa Sounding Theatre, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington

Thank You

The co-opting of re-use/re-mix culture as online business model explored: hand-crafted dog “bone” biscuits, wall drawings, single-channel video of bespoke biscuit factory performance, webpage with multiple speaking dalmations

With Arie Hellendoorn
High Street Project, Christchurch


The Black Deeds
A repurposed arcade cabinet with added breathalyser, featuring graphic elements from the video game “The New Zealand Story” and a character animated by the player’s own level of drunkenness

Group show with Arie Hellendoorn, Julian Bishop, Eugenius van Penseel
The Engine Room, Wellington

Insidious Pop II (drift)
Performance 1

Audio-visual performance with VJ Rex

The Film Archive, Wellington


Videotheque feat. VJs Rex, Harry Silver, and Ridiculoid, 2011
San Francisco Bath House, Wellington
Video edit: Harry Silver
Garden Magic feat. kazaamBLAM! (ecstatic preacher-mode encore), 2011
Wellington Botanic Garden, Wellington
Video: Ruth Korver
kazaamBLAM!, 2008
Bar Bodega, Wellington
Video edit: Melissa & Toby Donald
kazaamBLAM!, 2006
Imerst, Wellington
Video: Ruth Korver


On bill with many circa–2000s NZ indie acts: Mr Hayday, D:UNK, Disasteradio, Leno Lovecraft, Pig Out, Diana Rozz, Trimasterbate, Tapeman, Superforce, kneale.kneale.kneale, Urbantramper, FLICK, TV DiSKO, Living on Video, Videotheque club night... and many more but long forgotten

Visual support for DJ Krush (Japan) and Samiyam (US) Wellington shows


Audio-visual project in radiation suit as Morbo Ridiculoid, with Richard Falkner.
Ridiculoid on Vimeo

Opened for Yacht in Auckland, Ratatat and Stereo Total w/ JD Samson (Le Tigre) in Wellington, and played Splore 2010


Single performance of audio-visual project

Mighty Mighty, Wellington


Regular support slot for resident DJs at Sandwiches, Wellington