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Hi! I’m Daniel, a friendly WordPress developer from New Zealand.

I can help you create a custom website that is super-fast and simple to use.


Why work with me?

I’ve been handcrafting custom WordPress websites for small business and not-for-profit organisations for over a decade.

There’s a very good chance I’ve already spent long hours thinking about and building something similar to your upcoming project. The hardest part of any project is often working out exactly what it is you need, so why not leverage my WordPress development experience?

Today, I can provide a highly personalised start-to-finish service that used to require a team of people. Take a moment and imagine working on your project with me: you’ve just saved over half the typical cost of working with a creative agency.

I’m always available for free, no-obligation conversation.


Daniel Shaw
WordPress developer
New Zealand

I build websites, web apps, and online stores.

1. Web design

  • User friendly
  • Manage your own content
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Affordable
  • Fast

2. Development

  • Custom blocks and plugins
  • Built with growth in mind
  • Low maintenance
  • SEO friendly

3. Optimisation

  • Technical optimisation can vastly improve search engine ranking of your existing website.

4. Maintenance

  • Just like any living creature, your website requires ongoing love and attention to maintain good hygiene and perform well for your visitors.

5. “Fix my website”

  • Something broken, or worse: your WordPress or WooCommerce website has been hacked? I provide an immediate service to fix your website and get you back up-and-running, quickly and safely.

6. Discount rate

  • I offer generous discounts for artist and not-for-profit projects.
  • See Rates for a full overview of how I charge for a project.

7. Headless WordPress

  • Keep the admin experience you’re already familiar with and escape the bad parts of WordPress.

Previous projects

REP Kenya Safaris
Custom WordPress theme
Content migration
Custom WordPress theme for REP Kenya Safaris
Capitol Restaurant
Web design
WordPress theme
Web design for Capitol Restaurant
Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA)
Web development
Responsive design
Intern wrangling
Web development for WREDA
Data visualisation app
Web design
WordPress plugin development
Responsive design
Data visualisation for Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index
Premier √Čtage
Responsive design
WordPress development
Custom WooCommerce plugin
Product illustration
WordPress website development for Premier √Čtage
Soup Fashion Recovery
Web design
WooCommerce theme
Stripe payment integration
Search engine optimisation
WooCommerce development for Soup Fashion Recovery


I owe much of what I know to kind people who have taken the time to document approaches and solutions to their issues. So, returning the favour, a mix of how-tos and opinion.

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