What’s missing?

A design concept

Maisie has gone through multiple iterations, from highly-resolved niche theme to extremely broad starter theme, choosing to settle somewhere in the middle. As-is, the theme is not so much concerned with looking good by default as providing a flexible starter configuration to help realise a design.

Does not use native blockGap

The theme currently uses a custom Gap value. See the Spacing section in Presets and custom settings for further detail.

Only one navigation overlay supported

This restriction is strictly an implementation issue on the theme’s part. It is currently low on the list of priorities to resolve.

No wide preset

It’s never been clear what Wide actually means. Besides being a rarely-used convenience, it’s still possible to enter any custom value in the Layout panel.

Submenu supported to one level deep

The Navigation block markup appears to be far from settled and style requirements are likely to shift in the near future. This means the current level of support is part pragmatism and part personal preference.