A simple block theme for modern WordPress

For designers

Maisie embraces the “full site” block editor, providing enhanced access to how a website looks and functions without requiring third-party plugins.

For developers

Maisie avoids the Gutenberg bleeding edge by aligning with WordPress core releases: stability over features.

Still quite

A “best practice” block theme is currently unknown territory, so it’s the perfect time to explore some good and bad ideas.

Maisie is a “toy” theme and is not ready for use on a live website.

Learn about Maisie


Maisie is an experiment based on years of creating client themes requiring visual design unsupported by the WordPress block editor.


Block patterns are reusable preset layouts.

Who is Maisie?

She was a little cat who appeared in the garden one day, helping out during some hard times after the loss of another little furry friend. Maisie visited daily for two years, then disappeared again—joy delivered, job done.